Karzai supports UN resolution on Afghanistan, urges Taliban engagement

Photo: Reuters.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai expressed support on Monday for United Nations Security Council Resolution 2721, describing it as an acknowledgment of Afghanistan’s sovereignty and a step toward peace and progress.

Karzai called it “an expression of respect for the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Afghanistan and an indication of the alignment of the international community for a peaceful, stable and progressive Afghanistan”.

The resolution, which aims to reintegrate Afghanistan into the international community and ensure compliance with international obligations, emphasizes the crucial role of Afghan women in the peace process. It requires the UN Secretary-General to report back to the Security Council within 60 days following consultations.

A key aspect of Resolution 2721, approved on Friday with 13 votes in favor and two abstentions, is the appointment of a UN special representative for Afghanistan. This envoy, with expertise in human rights and gender, will facilitate dialogue between Afghans, including the Taliban, and the international community.

In a social media post, Karzai called the Taliban to “work for the peace and prosperity of the country and for Afghanistan to take its rightful place in the international community”.

He also emphasized the need for girls’ education and women’s participation in all aspects of society.

The Taliban, however, responded critically to the resolution, which was adopted amid “disagreements” among permanent members and without their government’s consultation. They deemed the appointment of a special representative redundant, citing the existing UN Mission in Afghanistan, and argued it misrepresents the country as a conflict zone.