Taliban minister blames foreign fighters, especially Tajik nationals, for attacks in Afghanistan

Photo: Taliban-run Ministry of Defense

Mohammad Yaqub Mujahid, the Taliban’s acting defense minister, said Sunday that foreign nationals, “especially from Tajikistan and Pakistan,” have been involved in attacks on mosques, religious scholars, and civilian gatherings in Afghanistan over the past two years.

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Mujahid claimed dozens of Tajik and over 20 Pakistani fighters were killed in Taliban operations.

“These attacks on mosques, religious scholars, and civilian gatherings were perpetrated by foreign nationals, mainly Tajiks. We’ve killed dozens and arrested many,” he said.

“Pakistani nationals have also been significantly involved in many attacks. We’ve killed over 20 and arrested hundreds,” Mujahid added.

He urged regional countries to tighten border controls to prevent militants from entering Afghanistan.

Mujahid noted a 90% decrease in ISIS attacks in the past two years, asserting national security is maintained.

Pakistan has frequently criticized the Taliban for alleged ties with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and accused them of failing to combat these insurgents in Afghanistan.

Tajikistan’s authorities, including its president, have expressed concerns about the “activities of rebel groups” in Afghanistan and the potential security threats to Tajikistan.

A United Nations report last month indicated an increase in attacks claimed by ISIS in the previous three months.