Three killed, 15 wounded in Russian missile attack on Odesa

Three people were killed and at least 15 injured, including two children, in a Russian missile strike on residential areas in Odesa, the Black Sea port city, said the regional governor on Friday.

The attack is part of one of the largest missile assaults on Ukraine since the war began, leaving 12 civilians dead and dozens injured across Kyiv, and southern and western regions of the country, officials reported.

This significant aerial attack raises questions about the future scale and duration of Western military and financial support for Kyiv, nearly two years into the conflict with Russia.

Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk described the strike as Russia’s largest aerial barrage since its invasion in February 2022, calling it “the most massive attack from the air” in a message on the Telegram app.

For weeks, Ukraine has been anticipating a major Russian assault on its energy infrastructure. Last year, Russian strikes on the power grid resulted in widespread blackouts, affecting millions of people.