Moderate earthquake strikes near Herat, Afghanistan

Herat City. File photo.

A moderate 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck near Herat, Afghanistan, early Thursday, shaking the Zinda Jan district, according to local reports. The quake occurred at 12:26 a.m. local time and had a shallow depth of 7.5 kilometers (4.7 miles).

The epicenter was located approximately 14.8 kilometers (9 miles) from Herat, a city with over 272,800 residents. Inhabitants in Herat likely experienced light shaking, while in Kabul, the nation’s capital situated 646 kilometers (402 miles) from the epicenter, the quake was not felt.

This seismic event follows a series of devastating earthquakes that hit the Zinda Jan district on October 7, causing significant loss of life and destruction.

As of now, there have been no immediate reports of damage or injuries resulting from the latest earthquake. The region, still recovering from the October 7th disaster, remains under close observation for potential aftershocks and related hazards.