Kim Jong Un orders North Korea to accelerate war preparations, state media reports

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has instructed the country’s military, munitions industry, and nuclear weapons sector to expedite preparations for war, in response to what he terms “unprecedented confrontational moves” by the United States, state broadcaster KRT reported Thursday.

During a key meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party on Wednesday, Kim outlined policy directions for the new year, emphasizing the expansion of strategic cooperation with nations he described as “anti-imperialist independents,” according to KRT.

North Korea, which has been enhancing ties with countries including Russia, faces accusations from Washington of supplying military equipment to Moscow for use in the Ukraine conflict. Concurrently, Russia is reportedly providing technical assistance to North Korea to bolster its military capabilities.

The 9th plenary meeting of the 8th central committee of the Workers’ Party, which began on Tuesday, reviewed a year marked by significant developments in North Korea. These included enshrining its nuclear policy in the constitution, launching a spy satellite, and testing a new intercontinental ballistic missile.