South Asia

Former Pakistan foreign minister Qureshi rearrested post-bail

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, former Foreign Minister of Pakistan and Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was rearrested outside Adiala Jail on Wednesday, following his recent bail in the cipher case. This incident occurred despite the Supreme Court granting him bail last week.

PTI, through a social media post, stated that Qureshi was taken into custody again just after his release. The party noted that a 15-day detention order issued by the Rawalpindi District Commissioner for Qureshi had been withdrawn.

Video footage distributed by PTI on social media shows Qureshi, dressed in traditional attire, being forcibly escorted by police from the jail premises to an armored vehicle. Qureshi, amid the commotion, claimed the police were flouting the Supreme Court’s orders and said, “They are arresting me again in a false case.”

He asserted his innocence and condemned the arrest as political retaliation, stating, “I represented the nation, I am innocent and I am being targeted for political revenge without any reason.”

The Supreme Court had granted bail to Qureshi and former Prime Minister Imran Khan in the cipher case last Friday, with each required to submit surety bonds of Rs 1 million. Qureshi’s daughter had previously expressed confidence in her father’s release, citing no requirement for his arrest in other cases.