World Food Program confronts funding shortfall in Afghanistan

In a stark response to a budget shortfall, the World Food Program (WFP) has announced a significant cut in aid to Afghanistan, impacting around 10 million people during the harsh winter.

Despite the challenging conditions, highlighted in a Monday-released video, the organization cites insufficient funds as the driving force behind the necessary reduction in food assistance.

Urgently calling on international entities to extend crucial support to the Afghan population during this winter, the WFP emphasized the heightened need for assistance. The organization underscored the complex humanitarian crisis that has intensified since the Taliban assumed control, leading to job losses, cash shortages, and soaring prices, resulting in a growing class of hungry individuals.

WFP reveals that an alarming 15.3 million Afghans are currently not consuming sufficient food, with the country teetering on the brink of economic collapse.

The organization said that acute malnutrition surpasses emergency thresholds in 25 out of 34 provinces, projected to worsen. As winter approaches, WFP highlights the urgency of delivering and strategically positioning food within the country before snowfall isolates communities, making food assistance a crucial lifeline for many Afghan families.

The international community’s immediate intervention is crucial to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, with WFP saying that it urgently requires $400 million to aid the most vulnerable 7 million people through the winter.