Women’s rights activist Parisa Azada freed after month-long Taliban detention

Parisa Azada, a member of the Afghanistan Women’s Movement for Justice and Freedom, has been released from Taliban custody after enduring close to a month and a half of detention, as confirmed by sources.

The activist was apprehended by Taliban intelligence on November 14, marking a period of uncertainty and concern for her colleagues and family. According to sources, she was released from Taliban custody on Monday morning.

Over the past two years, Azada has been an outspoken advocate for justice, challenging the restrictive policies imposed by the Taliban on women.

However, the plight of women’s rights activists in Afghanistan remains a pressing issue, as Manizha Seddiqi, another activist, continues to be in Taliban custody. This follows the release of at least three activists in the past month.

Richard Bennett, the UN Special Rapporteur for Afghanistan, has explicitly called for the release of all activists detained by the Taliban.