New school opens in Ghazni’s Nawa district after two decades

A new school has been established in the Nawa district of Ghazni, an area long afflicted by war. Despite previous attempts to build schools in the last two decades, conflicts repeatedly led to their destruction.

Local families report having sent their children to other districts for education before this establishment. The school, equipped with only six tents, offers educational facilities to dozens of boys. However, girls in the district remain without access to education.

“There has been no school in Nawa for 20 years. This new school is our first opportunity to learn,” Jawed, a student at the school, said.

This is reportedly the only school in the Nawa district, home to over 34,000 residents and numerous villages. Past efforts to construct schools have been unsuccessful, leaving many students without educational opportunities.

Mohammad Jan, another student, remarked, “We study in tents, which are cold. We are hoping for a well-equipped building for our education.”

“Each tent accommodates 80 students, while an equal number remain at home due to limited space. Both students and parents are dissatisfied with the current situation,” Abed, a local elder, said.

Locals say they purchased land and are building a school with their own resources. Seyed Habib, a teacher, explained, “Previously, students here had no access to schooling. Now, they can study up to the sixth grade, though facilities are minimal.”

Matiullah, another teacher, added, “Initially, we didn’t have any teachers. We, including other professors, traveled from different districts to teach here.”

Despite these challenges, the local community remains hopeful about building a permanent school. In Nawa district, marked by years of conflict, the collective efforts to establish a school and resume education symbolize a commitment to the future of its children.