Israeli forces uncover weapons in Gaza school

The Israeli military on Thursday released footage of air strikes targeting what it described as Hamas sites in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed to have discovered weapons in a school complex, although this could not be independently verified by Reuters.

In a statement, the IDF detailed its operation in Jabalya, where soldiers facilitated the evacuation of civilians from a school before conducting searches that allegedly uncovered numerous weapons. Additionally, the IDF reported striking a compound in Khan Yunis, targeting and killing Hamas militants.

Israel’s campaign in Gaza, now over 10 weeks old, was initiated with the intention of dismantling Hamas following an October 7 raid by the group into Israel. During this raid, Hamas reportedly took around 240 hostages and caused 1,200 deaths, according to Israeli sources.

Since then, Israel has conducted a significant ground and air campaign against the coastal enclave. The Gazan health ministry has confirmed nearly 20,000 deaths, with additional casualties suspected under the rubble.