Urgent call for completion of Zabul gymnasium as athletes face training hurdles

Athletes in Zabul province are urging the completion of the provincial gymnasium in Qalat City, citing difficulties in continuing their sports activities due to inadequate facilities.

Ali Ahmad Hamraz, a mixed martial arts fighter from Zabul, said, “The gymnasium is built but not fully functional. We need it for our training sessions. Our participation in provincial competitions is hindered by the lack of a proper venue.”

Ruhollah Yarmal, another athlete, echoed the need for more support, especially for mixed martial arts sports.

Officials from the Zabul Sports Authority, including Ahmad Ghulami, acknowledged the incomplete state of the gymnasium. Ghulami mentioned that while 60% of the construction is finished, funding shortages have halted further progress.

“The gymnasium lacks a surrounding wall and other essential facilities,” Ghulami said. “Similar projects in 11 other provinces have been completed, but ours remains unfinished.”

The province is home to 21 martial arts clubs. However, athletes are facing financial challenges and other issues, impeding their sporting endeavors.