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Afghan migrant killed by robbers in Pakistan

An Afghan migrant, Abdul Musawir Qudousi, was fatally shot by armed robbers in Islamabad, Pakistan, during a confrontation over a phone robbery.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday, was captured on video. Footage shows three motorbike-riding robbers clashing with two Afghan immigrants in central Islamabad. After seizing money and mobile phones, the robbers shot the victims and fled.

Qudousi, originally from Kapisa province in central Afghanistan, had worked as a contract employee for the American forces. He immigrated to Pakistan with his wife two years ago, awaiting a humanitarian visa to Germany.

Qudousi’s family has implored the Pakistani government to apprehend and punish the assailants. Mujib Qudousi, his brother, spoke to Amu TV, confirming his brother’s death in the robbery.

Another Afghan migrant was also injured in the incident.

The Council of Afghan Migrants in Pakistan expressed deep concern over the safety of Afghan citizens in the country, urging immediate international intervention to protect migrants hoping to reach safer destinations.

Mir Ahmad Raufi, head of the Afghan Expatriate Council in Pakistan, stated, “We have urged the Pakistani government for swift action to capture and penalize the culprits. There’s an urgent need for comprehensive solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of immigrants, and prevent further harassment.”

Following the Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan, thousands have fled due to security concerns, migrating to Pakistan en route to Western countries. These immigrants report not only harassment by Pakistani police but also robberies by armed individuals posing as police officers.