Australia pledges AUD 20 million to support Afghan migrants

Photo: Reuters

Australia on Saturday pledged AUD 265 million at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-led Global Refugee Forum (GRF) in Geneva, including AUD 20 million for Afghan migrants.

This funding is aimed at providing support to refugees and sustaining humanitarian assistance in protracted crises worldwide, Australia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

As the world grapples with a deepening crisis that has left over 114 million people displaced, Australia is taking a leading role in international resettlement efforts. At the GRF, Australia outlined its commitment to the Global Compact on Refugees, emphasizing initiatives to enhance refugee self-reliance and expand access to third-country solutions through resettlement and complementary pathway places.

To address specific displacement challenges, Australia has allocated AUD 235 million to support displaced Rohingya and communities in need in Myanmar and Bangladesh, AUD 20 million to support people in Afghanistan and those displaced to neighboring countries, and AUD 10 million to support people in Sudan and those displaced to neighboring countries.

Australia’s Humanitarian Resettlement Program has been increased to 20,000 places, marking the highest core intake in over a decade, the ministry said. The country is also dedicated to growing skills-based pathways and assisting other nations in establishing and expanding their resettlement programs.

As part of its commitment to inclusivity, the Australian Government recently established a Refugee Advisory Panel to gather insights from those with lived experiences, ensuring their perspectives inform settlement programs.

Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Penny Wong, expressed concern over the largest displacement crisis in modern history, emphasizing Australia’s broader effort to address the causes of displacement and find durable solutions.