UN’s OCHA reports extensive humanitarian aid efforts two months after quakes in western Afghanistan

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in a statement revealed that more than two months after the first of three catastrophic 6.3 magnitude earthquakes in Herat Province, western Afghanistan, humanitarian actors have reached 266,800 affected individuals with direct assistance.

The assistance provided to affected communities encompasses a range of critical support, including emergency shelter in the form of tents to 16,169 households. Multi-purpose cash assistance (MPCA) totaling US $5.1 million has been distributed to 19,652 households, with almost 5,961 households receiving the full MPCA package ($340 per household) and 4,310 households receiving the half MPCA package ($170), the organization said.

Furthermore, 21,017 families have received non-food items, 13,101 families have been provided with winter blankets, and 11,782 families have received shelter repair kits. Emergency food assistance has been extended to 110,033 people, while livestock support has reached 853 individuals, the organization said.

Additionally, nearly 64,512 boys and girls under the age of five have received nutritious foods, and essential primary healthcare has been provided to 60,256 people, the organization said.

Under the umbrella of protection, dignity kits have been distributed to more than 11,822 women and girls, child-friendly space activities have engaged 9,494 children, and psycho-social support has been offered to 14,045 individuals, among other crucial activities, OCHA said.

The earthquake killed over 2,000 people in Herat and left thousands others displaced.