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Pakistan’s army chief discusses concerns over Afghanistan in talks with UN Secretary General

In a meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Pakistan’s Chief of Staff, Gen. Asim Munir, raised Islamabad’s concerns about Afghanistan, seeking international assistance to address “cross-border terrorism”, as reported by Pakistani media.

Munir aims to garner support from the international community to tackle the issue of militant threats “originating from Afghanistan”, according to Pakistani media reports.

Simultaneously, Jan Achakzai, the Interim Minister of Information of Balochistan, addressed the media, emphasizing that assistance from Taliban military commanders to terrorists is unacceptable to Islamabad.

“We have submitted all documents through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, sharing comprehensive information with them. Thus far, we have observed a double-handed game,” Achakzai stated during a press conference.

Pakistani soldiers have confronted a recent surge in attacks in recent months, prompting Islamabad to seek international backing in its fight against terrorism.

“Following the resurgence of the Taliban and the non-implementation of the Doha Agreement, coupled with flawed strategies by the Pakistani military, terrorist groups have resumed activities in Afghanistan. Their primary objective is to breach the unprotected borders and instigate terror in Pakistan, prompting Pakistan’s military to voice its concerns in international forums,” explained Mohammad Radmanesh, a military affairs expert.

“The entire world is aware that Pakistan was the epicenter of terrorism, providing breeding grounds and support. However, Pakistan attempts to shift this narrative onto Afghanistan, portraying itself as innocent and a victim. This allows them to secure funds globally and address internal policies under the guise of victimhood,” remarked Azizuddin Ma’arij, a political affairs analyst.

While the Taliban has not responded to the claims made by the Interim Intelligence Minister of Balochistan, they have consistently asserted that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used against other countries.

The concerns of Pakistani authorities heightened after 23 Pakistani soldiers lost their lives in an attack by rebels in Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, just four days ago.