Indonesian Foreign Ministry hosts event in Doha on Afghan women’s education

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry hosted a significant event on Saturday in Doha, supporting the International Conference on Afghan Women’s Education with the theme “Education for Her, Progress for All.”

Yousef bin Sultan Laram, Director of the Asian Affairs Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, addressed the gathering, emphasizing Qatar’s commitment to the importance of Afghan women’s rights to education. He highlighted that the issue goes beyond mere equality in education, representing a crucial step in safeguarding their fundamental rights and dignity.

Laram underscored education as a fundamental human right, stating that by promoting this right, women are empowered to exercise their rights fully and participate actively in building their future. He affirmed Qatar’s steadfast advocacy for women’s rights to education.

Jatmiko Prasetyo, Director for South and Central Asian Affairs at the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, stressed the need for real and tangible solutions. He emphasized the necessity for unwavering international support, community education, and global partnerships to secure funding opportunities, alongside digital and technological innovations.

Prasetyo also highlighted the importance of creating safe zones through the implementation of policies aimed at protecting the rights of women and girls to education.

The workshop, organized by the Centre for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS), brought together senior experts, international organizations, and stakeholders to address obstacles to Afghan women’s access to quality education.

The outcomes of the workshop will be presented to policymakers and thought leaders during the two-day Doha Forum set to kick off on Sunday.