WHO warns of deteriorating crisis in Gaza as Israeli bombing intensifies

A senior official from the World Health Organization (WHO) in Gaza highlighted the escalating crisis, stating that the situation is rapidly worsening as Israeli bombings intensify in the southern regions of the Palestinian enclave, specifically around the cities of Khan Younis and Rafah.

Richard Peeperkorn, the WHO representative in Gaza, expressed deep concern about the increasing vulnerability of the health system in the densely populated area, especially as more people relocate further south to escape the intensifying bombings.

James Elder, spokesperson for UNICEF, emphasized that the areas in Gaza designated as safe by Israel are far from meeting basic requirements. He issued a stark warning, stating that the lack of sanitation and shelter in these zones has created a “perfect storm” for the outbreak of diseases.

Elder stressed that the only viable solution to ensure safety in Gaza is the immediate enforcement of a ceasefire.

Peeperkorn from WHO noted that the agency has adhered to an Israeli directive to remove supplies from warehouses in Khan Younis, indicating that the area has been forewarned as potentially becoming an active combat zone in the coming days.