Germany commits €60 million for humanitarian aid in Afghanistan, region

Damages left by Oct. 7 earthquakes in Zinda Jan district, Herat province. FILE PHOTO

Germany has pledged €60 million to the World Food Program (WFP) to bolster humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan and the region.

This funding initiative specifically targets individuals affected by the recent earthquake in Herat, Afghanistan, and Afghan returnees from Pakistan, as revealed by Germany’s embassy for Afghanistan.

“This financial contribution aims to strengthen the humanitarian response, providing crucial support to Afghan victims of the Herat earthquake and assisting Afghan returnees at the Pakistan border,” stated the embassy.

The embassy underscored that this donation is geared towards enhancing the overall humanitarian response in the region, addressing both the aftermath of the natural disaster and the ongoing challenges faced by Afghan returnees.

According to United Nations statistics, since mid-September, more than 400,000 Afghan migrants have returned to the country. Many of these returnees grapple with issues such as a lack of shelter and other basic necessities.

The Herat earthquake, occurring on October 7, resulted in the tragic loss of over 2,000 lives and left tens of thousands more displaced, further emphasizing the critical need for international aid and support in the affected areas.