Taliban-run Central Bank boosts private bank withdrawal limits

Photo: Reuters

The Taliban-run Central Bank announced on Thursday a new adjustment to the weekly cash withdrawal limits from private banks, raising the cap from 50,000 Afghanis ($720) to 70,000 Afghanis ($1,008).

In a statement, the bank clarified that individual account holders are now permitted to withdraw up to 70,000 Afghanis per week, with a monthly limit of 250,000 Afghanis ($3,600). Moreover, the statement outlined that individual account holders can withdraw $1,000 per week and up to $3,000 per month in dollars.

The bank further stipulated that both government and non-governmental organization customers can withdraw up to 5% of their deposits from commercial banks, ensuring their monthly withdrawals do not exceed $100,000.

It is noteworthy that prior to this adjustment, individuals were limited to withdrawing 50,000 Afghanis from their deposits once a week.

The withdrawal limits were established by the Taliban after the fall of the previous government in August 2021. While the limits have gradually increased since then, business owners have voiced criticism, asserting that the constraints have had adverse effects on their enterprises.