At least 1,600 Afghan migrants deported from Pakistan in 24 hours

Pakistani media reports reveal that at least 1,600 Afghan migrants were repatriated from Pakistan on Wednesday, Nov. 29, indicating a slight increase compared to the figures reported on the preceding day.

The repatriation process took place through the Torkham and Chaman border towns.

More than 1,200 migrants returned to the country on Tuesday, November 28.

Since mid-September, the tally of repatriated illegal Afghans has reached 387,593, indicating a sustained effort to address the issue.

This development coincides with Human Rights Watch (HRW) releasing a report on Tuesday, accusing Pakistani authorities of extensive abuses against Afghan migrants.

The alleged tactics include mass detentions, property seizures, and the destruction of identity documents, with HRW highlighting coercive measures against Afghans born in Pakistan and those at risk of persecution in Afghanistan. This vulnerable group includes women, girls, human rights defenders, journalists, and former government employees.