Pakistan issues warning to Afghans: Stay out of politics or face deportation

Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior has issued a cautionary statement to both undocumented and legal Afghan migrants, advising them against supporting or funding any candidate for political and electoral activities in Pakistan.

The warning, irrespective of the individual’s legal status, specifies that violations would result in deportation.

The statement strongly emphasizes the illegality of Afghan nationals engaging in political and electoral activities within Pakistan, highlighting the potential consequences for those involved.

It explicitly states, “Any Afghan citizen involved in such activities will be deported regardless of his or her legal status in Pakistan.”

Simultaneously, the Ministry cautioned the Pakistani public against providing employment to illegal foreign nationals or assisting them in obtaining employment.

This announcement comes against the backdrop of the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 8 next year.

According to reports from Pakistan-based Geo News, this warning is part of a broader nationwide campaign initiated by the Pakistani caretaker government, citing security concerns, to expel millions of illegal foreigners, primarily Afghan citizens, residing in the country.

The decision was reportedly influenced by incidents involving Afghan nationals, including crimes, smuggling activities, and their alleged connection to a significant number of suicide bombings in the country.