Taliban names Bilal Karimi as its ambassador to China: Source

Bilal Karimi, Taliban’s deputy spokesman, has been appointed as its ambassador to China, according to a senior Taliban official in Kandahar.

The confirmation came from a source in Kandahar, stating that Taliban chief minister Hassan Akhund made the appointment, and Karimi has already arrived in China to assume his role as the Taliban’s ambassador to Beijing.

The source informed Amu that the formal announcement of Karimi as the Taliban ambassador to Beijing is expected to be made by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

This move follows China’s appointment of Zhao Sheng as its ambassador to Afghanistan nearly two months ago, making China the first country to send an ambassador to Kabul under the Taliban administration.

Karimi’s appointment will become the first ambassador of the Taliban to a foreign country at a time when no country has recognized the Taliban government in Kabul over the past two years due to human rights issues and its restrictions on women’s rights and their presence in society.