McCaul calls for global unity to expand travel bans on Taliban

Michael McCaul, Chairman of the US House’s Foreign Affairs Committee, has called for a unified stance from the international community to enforce and broaden travel bans on Taliban members.

He expressed strong disapproval of the trip by a Taliban official to Europe, deeming it unacceptable.

“The international community must stand together in enforcing and expanding travel bans for Taliban members. This is unacceptable,” McCaul stated on X.

Meanwhile, Abdul Bari Omar, the Taliban’s head of the Afghanistan Food and Drug Authority, faced criticism for his trip to Europe.

In a press conference in Kabul on Monday, Omar claimed that he visited Europe at the official invitation of the Netherlands, participating in a global meeting.

Videos of Omar at conferences in Germany circulated on social media in recent days. Omar mentioned that he also visited other European countries, holding informal meetings with Afghan citizens residing there.

On Saturday, the German Foreign Office condemned the presence of the Taliban representative in Cologne. They stated that the German government was unaware of the visit, and the Taliban official was not granted a visa for Germany.