Pakistan’s special envoy highlights TTP threat from Afghanistan amid security woes

Pakistan’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Asif Durrani, has voiced concerns about the presence of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Afghanistan, stating that the group’s activities have intensified Pakistan’s security challenges.

During an interview with Ambassadors’ Lounge on Saturday, Nov. 11, Durrani remarked that peace in Afghanistan is proving problematic for Pakistan.

“Peace in Afghanistan has become a nightmare for Pakistan because those people who are taking sanctuary inside Afghanistan are launching those attacks and as the prime minister had rightly pointed out, the increase has been 65 percent ever since the Taliban came to power but the suicide attacks have actually increased 500 percent,” Durrani said in the interview.

Durrani referenced the Taliban’s prohibition of terrorist activities in Pakistan, questioning the TTP’s compliance. “If TTP, which pledged allegiance to the Taliban, is defying this order, then they should face consequences under Islamic and traditional laws for misusing Afghan soil,” Durrani explained.

This statement follows remarks on Nov. 8 by Anwar ul-Haq Kakar, Pakistan’s acting prime minister, highlighting a 60 percent increase in terrorist activities in Pakistan since the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan. Kakar attributed these incidents to the TTP, accusing them of using Afghan territory for attacks against Pakistan.

Kakar also assured that Afghan immigrants in Pakistan with legal documentation would not be impacted by the recent decision to deport undocumented immigrants.