Women’s life satisfaction in Afghanistan plunges to record low amidst rising restrictions – Gallup report

A women’s protest in Kabul in March 2023.

The Gallup Institute released a survey on Friday, indicating a significant decline in Afghan women’s life satisfaction, hitting a new global low. 

Conducted in July, the survey showed only 11% of Afghan women are content with their freedom and social standing, the lowest among countries surveyed by Gallup.

The survey found 17% of Afghan women feel they are treated respectfully, while 83% reported experiencing disrespect, highlighting their difficult living conditions.

Gallup’s comparison of the 2023 survey with 2022 data reveals a notable decrease in life quality, particularly in social freedoms. In 2022, 29% of Afghan women were satisfied with their lives, a figure that has now dropped by more than half.

The report states, “Just 11% of Afghan women interviewed in July are satisfied with their life choices, setting a new record low for any country or population Gallup has polled.”

Gallup, conducting global surveys since 2005, has monitored Afghan women’s satisfaction with freedom and social life since 2021. The 2021 findings showed equal agreement among Afghan men and women on the disrespectful treatment of women. However, in 2023, women’s dissatisfaction significantly increased, with a slightly higher percentage of men believing women are treated respectfully.

Since the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan, severe restrictions have been imposed on women’s rights, limiting their access to education, employment, and travel.

Taliban has imposed various restrictions on women’s social lives in the past two years, notably banning them from working in NGOs, enrolling at universities and schools.