Herat’s $5.5m Ghoryan iron mine extraction begins

The extraction process for the Ghoryan iron ore mine project, valued at over $5.5 million, commenced in Herat province on Thursday.

Shahabuddin Delawar, the acting minister of mines for the Taliban, disclosed that the Ghoryan mine spans approximately 950 km.

Four domestic companies are set to extract the mine at a cost of $5.57 billion over a 30-year period, ensuring the entire processing takes place within the country.

In his remarks, Delawar also announced the imminent opening of the province’s cement project, anticipating an annual production of 30 million barrels, eliminating the need for cement imports.

The Herat cement project, set to market high-quality cement at a competitive price, has completed all necessary preparations, with a $200 million investment earmarked for its launch.

Shareholders of the Ghorian iron ore mining company estimate that each of the four blocks of the iron mine will employ approximately 5,000 workers, with a total workforce of 20,000 people.