Pakistan continues deportation of undocumented Afghan migrants for 7th day

The seventh consecutive day of forced deportations witnessed an intensified effort by Pakistani authorities to expel undocumented Afghan immigrants in Quetta.

Pakistani police have stepped up their deportation process, with over 61,000 migrants being relocated to Afghanistan from the Chaman-Spinboldak border alone. The Chaman camp has emerged as a pivotal center for the deportation of these migrants, according to reports from Pakistani media.

Amid this ongoing deportation, some Afghan immigrants have recounted distressing accounts. They told Amu TV that several members of their families were apprehended by Pakistani police and subsequently deported to Afghanistan.

This separation has compounded the challenges faced by these individuals as they navigate an uncertain future.

Migrants in Landi Kotal are subject to a brief stopover before being transferred to Afghanistan, showcasing the daily procession of forcibly deported undocumented immigrants by Pakistani authorities.

Women and children find themselves waiting to return to a country whose destiny remains unclear. For some migrants, their family members are in the custody of Pakistani police while they themselves are being sent to Afghanistan, further underscoring the complexities of their situation.

As the forced deportations extend into their seventh day, thousands of migrants are left with no choice but to pack their belongings and leave Pakistan. Trucks laden with the possessions of these migrants have formed queues in the Landi Kotel area near Torkham, waiting for authorization to proceed.

The process typically involves arresting Afghan immigrants in Quetta, relocating them to the Chaman camp, and eventually escorting them into Afghanistan via the Spin Boldak route.

Pakistani media has reported that a significant number, approximately 200,000 Afghan immigrants, have already been deported from Pakistan, and this deportation process continues to unfold.

Chaman Commissioner Raja Athar Abbas Maoun remarked on the purpose of this concerted effort, stating, “The aim is to coordinate and address the issue of illegal immigration, extending its reach across the state.”

The latest statistics released by Pakistani media affirm that the deportation of Afghan immigrants remains an ongoing process, with the numbers continuing to grow.