Afghanistan dominates 5th Asian Taekwondo Open Championship with gold, silver wins

Afghanistan emerged as the champions of the Fifth Asian Taekwondo Open Championship in Islamabad, Pakistan, securing victory with an impressive tally of two gold and two silver medals.

Afghanistan’s triumphant performance was highlighted by gold medals earned by Mohsen Rezaei and Ali Akbar Amiri, while Hekmatullah Zain and Omid Sohak contributed to the country’s success with two silver medals.

Furthermore, Mohammad Bashir Turki clinched the title of the championship’s best trainer, and Mohsen Rezaei was honored as the best fighter in this edition of the tournament.

The competitions were held from 1 to 5 November in Islamabad.

In a closely contested competition, Pakistan secured the second position with two gold, one silver, and seven bronze medals. Kazakhstan’s team secured the third spot, bagging one gold and four silver medals.

The women’s events in the championship saw Kazakhstan emerge victorious with a total of four gold, one silver, and three bronze medals.

Team Afghanistan at 5th Asian Taekwondo Open Championship.

Britain secured the second position, securing one gold and two silver medals, while Iran claimed the third spot with one gold and one silver medal.

The final day of the 5th Asian Taekwondo Open Championship’s Kyorugi event witnessed fierce competition across four different weight categories.

In the men’s -58kg final, Kazakhstan’s Zhavokhirkhon Islamov demonstrated a remarkable performance and clinched the gold medal with a 2-1 victory over Lev Korneev of Serbia in an enthralling match.

Muhammad Nadhim of Iraq secured the bronze medal, while Samikhon of Kazakhstan won the fourth bronze.

In the men’s -80kg category finals, Korea’s Geon-Woo Seo secured a 2-0 win against Serbia’s Rustam Odinaev, securing the gold.

Iraq’s Saif Taher Habeeb won the bronze, and Pakistan’s Mazhar Abbas secured the fourth position.

The women’s -62 kg category final witnessed Serbia’s Nadja Savkpvic claiming the gold with a 2-1 victory over Pakistan’s Zoya Sabir.

Pakistan’s Sara Rehman and Hajra Shakeel secured the bronze and fourth positions, respectively.

In the women’s +73 category final, Kazakhstan’s Cansel Deniz secured a 2-0 victory against Pakistan’s Manisha Ali. Pakistan’s Hira Khan secured the bronze, and Pakistan’s Nuzrat Mumtaz secured the fourth bronze medal.