South Asia

Train collision claims 13 lives in southern India

The death toll resulting from a train collision in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh has increased to 13, according to a railway official’s statement on Monday. Authorities are meticulously examining the wrecked carriages to ascertain the cause of the accident.

The incident unfolded when the Visakhapatnam-Rayagada passenger train came to a halt on Sunday due to a disruption in an overhead cable. Subsequently, the Visakhapatnam-Palasa Express service collided with it from the rear, causing two carriages of the stationary train to derail, as reported by officials.

The railway ministry’s preliminary investigation has indicated that the tragedy was due to “human error,” resulting in the “overshooting of signal” by the Visakhapatnam-Rayagada train.

This unfortunate incident follows a major train accident that occurred a few months ago, marking India’s state-run railway system’s worst crash in two decades, claiming the lives of 292 people. Indian Railways, ranked as the fourth largest rail network in the world, is currently undergoing a transformative $30 billion project aimed at introducing new trains and modernized stations in the near future.