UN General Assembly adopts resolution urging immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza

The United Nations General Assembly, on Friday, passed a resolution appealing for an instant humanitarian truce in Gaza.

The resolution calls for “an immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce leading to a cessation of hostilities.”

It insists on “the immediate, continuous, sufficient, and unhindered provision” of essential goods and services to civilians throughout Gaza, encompassing but not limited to water, food, medical supplies, fuel, and electricity.

The resolution presses for immediate, complete, sustained, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access to Gaza.

It advocates for the establishment of humanitarian corridors and other initiatives to ease the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza’s civilian population and acknowledges the efforts in this regard.

Furthermore, the resolution calls for the revocation of Israel’s order directing Palestinian civilians, UN personnel, humanitarian and medical workers to evacuate all areas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip and relocate to the southern region.

The resolution unequivocally opposes any attempts at the forced displacement of the Palestinian civilian population.

It demands the immediate and unconditional release of all individuals who are unlawfully held captive, emphasizing their safety, well-being, and humane treatment in compliance with international law.

The resolution reasserts that a just and lasting resolution to the Israel-Hamas conflict can only be achieved through peaceful means, adhering to relevant UN resolutions and in conformity with international law, while endorsing the two-state solution.

This resolution was adopted with 120 votes in favor, 14 votes against, and 45 abstentions.