Women’s rights activist Manizha Siddiqui held by Taliban since Oct. 9

Sources have confirmed that women’s rights activist Manizha Siddiqui has been in Taliban custody over the past 15 days. She was apprehended by the Taliban in the Kart-e-Naw area, west of Kabul, on Oct. 9.

Siddiqui’s arrest coincides with the ongoing detention of at least three other activists, including Zhulia Parsi and Neda Parwani, who have been in Taliban custody for several months.

Laila Baseem, a member of the leadership of the women protesters movement, expressed deep concern about Siddiqui’s arrest, emphasizing the urgent need for her release.

Benafsha, who worked for a non-governmental organization in Herat for several years, disclosed the hardships she encountered when the Taliban implemented a ban on women working in such organizations.

This prohibition left her jobless and unable to support her family of seven, as she was the primary breadwinner.

“It is hard to continue under such circumstances,” she said.

Recently, the UN special rapporteur Richard Bennett called for immediate release of activists from Taliban custody.

Taliban has banned women from attending universities and working in non-governmental organizations since last December. Moreover, secondary schools are closed for girls for the past two years.