Pakistan deports over 95,000 Afghan nationals as deadline looms for undocumented immigrants

People waiting to cross the Torkham crossing to Pakistan. File photo

Pakistani authorities confirmed on Sunday that more than 95,000 Afghan nationals have been deported as part of a government-imposed deadline for undocumented immigrants to leave the country, according to reports in the Pakistani media.

With just eight days left until the Pakistani government’s deadline, which affects over 1.7 million Afghan migrants lacking the necessary documents to stay in Pakistan, the situation remains tense.

Pakistan has instructed undocumented foreign nationals to exit the country by November 1, warning of law enforcement action for non-compliance.

According to Radio Pakistan, a total of 59,561 Afghan migrants have already been repatriated. The Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees has taken steps to ensure a smooth repatriation process for Afghan nationals, as detailed in the report.

This deportation initiative has faced criticism from Afghan migrants in Pakistan who have expressed concerns about the treatment they have received from Pakistani authorities.