Sydney witnesses massive pro-Palestinian march as thousands rally for Gaza

Thousands of demonstrators converged in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, on Saturday, October 21, for a pro-Palestinian march. The event received approval from the police, allowing protesters to gather and voice their concerns.

Chants of “Free Palestine” filled the air as participants carried signs that read “Stop Genocide” and “One Holocaust Does Not Justify Another.” Naseer, one of the protesters, emphasized the importance of international recognition for the Palestinians’ right to live freely and peacefully.

Barbara O’Neill, another demonstrator, shared her perspective, saying, “I’m an Aboriginal woman. These are my brothers and sisters. They have been suffering genocide publicly and in a very high profile way.”

According to the Palestine Action Group, the organizer of the event, approximately 15,000 people attended the march and rally held at Sydney’s Town Hall. The group emphasized on its Facebook account that any burning of flags, antisemitic chants, or “any other conduct that vilifies any race or religion” would not be tolerated.

Pro-Palestinian rallies were also scheduled for the same day in the state capitals of Brisbane, Perth, and Hobart, as stated by the Palestine Action Group. These events followed last weekend’s largely peaceful rallies that drew thousands of participants from around Australia.