Turkiye extends support to earthquake-affected families in Herat

The Turkish consulate office in Herat in a statement said that Turkiye remains committed to aiding families affected by the recent earthquakes in western Afghanistan.

The statement said that in response to the earthquake, Turkiye mobilized its resources, leveraging the capacities and personnel of its Consulate General in Herat, along with other Turkish institutions and NGOs in Afghanistan.

The relief efforts began immediately, providing essential supplies, including tents, medical equipment, and food to those affected, the statement reported.

Turkiye’s Charge d’Affaires in Kabul, Cenk Ünal, demonstrated a strong commitment to aiding the region by being one of the first foreign diplomats to visit Herat on October 8th. His visit aimed to assess the situation on the ground and to oversee Turkiye’s humanitarian assistance and relief operations in the area.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency’s (TİKA) Herat Office swiftly initiated the distribution of food parcels to earthquake victims on the second day following the disaster. To date, TİKA has distributed 2000 parcels of essential provisions.

On October 9th, a Turkish Air Force cargo plane arrived in Herat, carrying a Turkish search and rescue team, a field hospital, medical professionals, and necessary medical equipment. Two Turkish doctors joined the medical team at Herat Regional Hospital, immediately commencing the provision of critical healthcare services, according to the statement.

The Directorate for Disaster and Emergency Management of Turkiye (AFAD) contributed to the relief efforts by delivering 250 tents, 1500 blankets, and medical supplies, including 79,168 boxes of medicine and 13,480 bottles of serum to local authorities.

A second Turkish Air Force cargo plane, primarily loaded with humanitarian aid items, touched down in Herat on October 10th, further reinforcing Turkiye’s commitment to the relief operations.

In parallel, the Turkish Maarif Foundation and Diyanet Foundation have initiated their independent aid campaigns, focusing on providing sustenance and shelter to the disaster victims, alleviating their challenges during this difficult period.

The statement underscores Turkiye’s unwavering dedication to providing assistance during this time of need and reaffirms its commitment to supporting the well-being of the people of Afghanistan.

Figures show that the earthquakes in Herat have claimed lives of over 2,400 people and have injured more than 2,000 others.