Afghanistan’s diplomats ‘outraged’ over embassy in Spain engaging with Taliban

Members of the Association for the Coordination of Diplomats of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have voiced their objections to the Afghanistan embassy in Madrid engaging with the Taliban’s foreign ministry.

In a letter issued Saturday, the members stated that the move contradicts international laws and norms as the de-facto regime in Afghanistan is not recognized by Spain nor any other country in the world.

The letter was written by a group of incumbent and former diplomats of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan based abroad and sent to José Manuel Albares Bueno, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Spain.

The letter said that the Taliban was a “gender apartheid and extremist regime” and lacked national and international legitimacy to represent the people of Afghanistan.

The diplomats labeled the Taliban’s government as an “authoritarian” regime that violates human rights and women’s rights.

They also noted the Taliban are committing “heinous crimes against the innocent people of Afghanistan, especially former ANDSF (Afghan National Defense and Security Forces) personnel and government officials, on a daily basis.”

Following a similar action by Afghanistan’s embassy in the Netherlands, the embassy in Spain announced on Friday that it engages with the Taliban’s foreign ministry in a bid to facilitate consulate services for Afghanistan nationals.  

A source privy to the issue, told Amu that the Council of Republic Ambassadors has expelled Asif Rahimi, ambassador to the Netherlands, and Rahim Pirzada, ambassador to Spain, from their council due to their meetings with Taliban officials, including the Taliban’s foreign minister.

The Taliban swept into power on August 15, 2021 as the  western-backed government of President Ashraf Ghani collapsed.

However, its government has yet to be recognized as the legitimate government in the country – on the grounds of it not having formed an inclusive government and not adhering to human rights laws, including the rights of women and girls.