Calls continue for release of women’s rights activists from Taliban custody

Calls have continued for the release of Zholia Parsi, the head of a women activists’ movement, and Neda Parwani, a member of the same movement, from Taliban custody over two weeks after their arrest.

A number of women’s rights activists and female students said that the Taliban’s grip has stifled their quest for justice over the past two years, leaving them “disheartened and demoralized.”

“Witnessing the relentless suppression of our voices for justice has been disheartening,” said women’s rights activist Mozhgan Feraji.

A big number of women and girls, deprived of opportunities for education and employment, grapple with profound despair. They said that with each passing day, they witness the continued suppression of women’s voices in their pursuit of justice, further eroding their hopes for a brighter future.

“The future seems bleaker with each passing day,” expressed Mobina, a student.

Shabnam, another student, concurred, “We yearn for a future where justice and equality prevail.”

In a recent development, 80 member countries of the United Nations have joined in a joint declaration, condemning the Taliban’s decrees that contravene the rights of women and girls. They argue that such actions are inconsistent with both Islamic values and fundamental human rights.