Pharmaceutical firm inaugurated in Kabul

A pharmaceutical factory was inaugurated in Kabul on Monday with an initial investment of 25 million Afghanis (equivalent to over $310,000).

The establishment of the new business venture has resulted in the creation of at least 1,000 job opportunities, as highlighted by Tawab Ghafoori, the head of the firm.

Ghafoori expressed that the factory boasts the capability to produce a daily output of 110,000 bottles, encompassing a diverse range of at least 10 types of serums.

The inauguration of the pharmaceutical firm comes at a time when local factories are grappling with challenges related to electricity shortages and limited land for their operations.

However, the Taliban-run Ministry of Industry and Commerce has given its assurance that it will provide essential support to investors facing such issues.

“We extend an invitation to all our compatriots to contribute to the betterment of our nation, urging them to invest in the country,” stated Qadratullah Jamal, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce for the Taliban, as reported by the Bakhtar News Agency.

According to data from the Taliban-led Ministry of Industry and Commerce, ongoing efforts are underway in the development of 39 industrial parks. Furthermore, Afghanistan has reportedly achieved self-sufficiency in the production of 50 essential material items.