Mexico church roof collapses during Sunday mass killing 9

A church roof collapsed during Sunday mass in a northern Mexican city killing at least nine people and injuring 40, authorities said, with another 30 people believed to be trapped under the debris.

Rescuers and volunteers were seen removing debris such as wooden pillars with their bare hands as a priest gave instructions, while others raised their fists to call for silence as they tried to hear survivors under the rubble.

Military personnel supported emergency services into the night using rescue dogs and earth moving equipment to identify and dig out survivors from the ruins of the church in Ciudad Madero, a city on the Gulf coast near the port of Tampico.

Footage on social media showed the moment the church roof caved in as puffs of gray smoke billowed into the air, followed by the toppling of yellow brick outer walls.

Bishop Jose Armando Alvarez from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tampico said the church roof crumbled as worshippers were receiving communion and asked others to pray for the survivors.