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One killed, over 162 injured in Tashkent explosion and fire

A powerful explosion near Tashkent’s airport on Thursday (September 28) claimed the life of one individual and left 162 others injured, according to Uzbekistan authorities. The explosion triggered a fire, causing windows in nearby apartment blocks to shatter.

The health ministry reported that a teenage boy tragically lost his life when a window frame fell on him. Additionally, 24 individuals were hospitalized, though their lives were not in immediate danger, while 138 others received treatment for injuries.

Despite the incident, operations at the capital’s international airport continued without disruption, as confirmed by its administration.

Videos and images shared on social media depicted flames soaring into the night sky, accompanied by a substantial plume of smoke enveloping the affected warehouse. The precise cause of the explosion remained unclear at the time of reporting.

Uzbekistan’s emergencies ministry had established a specialized laboratory at the scene to conduct an investigation into the blast.

“The quick response of our emergency ministry personnel has resulted in a reduction of the fire area,” stated the ministry on the Telegram messaging app, adding, “The situation is completely under control.”

According to a social media post from Uzbek outlet Daryo, 16 fire and rescue teams were dispatched to combat the fire at one of the warehouses located in the Sergeli district near the airport.