Taliban assigns delegation to address Torkham border crossing issues

People waiting to cross the Torkham crossing to Pakistan. File photo

In response to ongoing issues affecting travelers and trade at the Torkham border crossing, the Taliban has dispatched a delegation comprising representatives from six ministries.

The directive for this delegation was issued by Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada, as reported by the Taliban-run Bakhtar news agency.

Abdul Rahman Rashid, Taliban’s deputy minister of refugees, who is also part of the delegation, said they will prevent anyone from “disturbing” Afghanistan migrants, referring to reports about alleged mistreatment of Afghan citizens while crossing the border to Pakistan and while living in Pakistan.

Earlier this month, the Torkham border crossing, a critical trade and transit route connecting Afghanistan and Pakistan, was closed for a nine-day period following a clash between Taliban and Pakistani forces.

Throughout the year, the Torkham area has been a site of multiple confrontations between Pakistani forces and the Taliban, leading to disruptions in trade, transit, and the movement of individuals between the neighboring nations.

This comes as at least 60 Afghan citizens, including children, were released from a prison in Pakistan’s Sindh, the Taliban consulate in Pakistan reported on Tuesday.