Women protesters demand release of activist Neda Parwani

A group of women protesters in Takhar province on Monday demanded the release of women’s rights activist Neda Parwani, who is currently in Taliban custody.

Sources report that Neda Parwani, along with her son and husband, was apprehended by the Taliban in the Khairkhana area north of Kabul on September 19.

“The sixth day of Neda Parwani, her husband, and her young child’s detention is today,” declared the women. “The women’s protest movement earnestly calls upon the UN, human rights organizations, and relevant institutions to urgently intervene for the release of Neda Parwani and to protect her from the Taliban.”

They said that there has been no information regarding the well-being or status of Neda Parvani, her husband, and son.

The Taliban has not provided any comment on the arrests thus far.