2023 Asian Games Set to Commence in Hangzhou, China

The 2023 Asian Games are poised to kick off on Saturday in Hangzhou, China, and will run until October 8.

Reports indicate that Afghanistan is fielding athletes in 15 sports for these prestigious competitions.

A total of 12,600 athletes representing 45 countries are set to partake in the Asian Games.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are expected to attend the opening ceremony of the 2023 Asian Games, which commence this Saturday in Hangzhou, China.

Over the course of the event, thousands of athletes from 45 nations, including Afghanistan, will compete in 40 sports.

Afghanistan has dispatched dozens of athletes to China, participating in a diverse array of 15 sports, including wushu, jujitsu, boxing, cricket, volleyball, swimming, and wrestling.

Afghanistan athletes have diligently prepared for their involvement in the Asian Games.

From September 23 to October 8, a total of 12,500 athletes will partake in these Asian Games.

In contrast, China has declined to issue visas to three Indian athletes hailing from Arunachal Pradesh, a northeastern state that Beijing claims as part of its territory.

Mayo Ning, spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated, “China, as the host country, welcomes athletes from any nation who arrive in Hangzhou with proper documentation to participate in the Asian Games. Regarding your mention of Arunachal Pradesh, it should be noted that the Chinese government has never recognized the so-called Arunachal Pradesh, as the southern Tibet region is considered an integral part of China’s territory.”

Following the 2022 Winter Olympics, the Asian Games represents the largest sporting event hosted in China.