French foreign minister denounces Taliban’s restrictions on women

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, condemning the Taliban’s “oppressive measures” against women and girls in Afghanistan. She asserted that the Taliban regime “has made a policy of violence against women a central element of its political identity.”

Speaking at the 78th session of the 193-member international body, which convened in New York this week, Colonna expressed her concerns about women’s rights, particularly in Afghanistan. She highlighted the plight of Afghan women who face repression solely because of their gender under the Taliban regime.

“I’m thinking about the rights of women, especially in Afghanistan, where they suffer repression because of their gender by a Taliban regime that tragically has placed a policy of segregation and violence against women at the heart of its political identity,” she said.

“Our solidarity also extends to all those who put their lives on the line for the sake of others,” she added.

The UN General Assembly is scheduled to continue its session until September 26 in New York.

Since last December, the Taliban has implemented measures such as banning women from working in non-governmental organizations and attending universities. Additionally, girls’ secondary schools have remained closed for the past two years.