Pakistan’s special envoy Asif Durrani visits Kabul

Asif Durrani, Pakistan’s special envoy for Afghanistan, has embarked on a trip to Kabul, according to confirmed sources.

Reports indicate that Durrani and his accompanying delegation arrived in Kabul on Wednesday.

Sources have confirmed that Durrani is scheduled to engage in discussions with several Taliban officials in Kabul.

Durrani met with Taliban’s foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi on Thursday. According to a Taliban statement, security issues, export of vegetables and fruits to Pakistan, treatment of Pakistani forces with passengers traveling to Pakistan and the arrest of Afghan migrants in Pakistan were discussed in the meeting.

Durrani stressed on cooperation between Pakistan and Taliban to address security issues, the statement said.

This marks Durrani’s second visit to Kabul, following his trip in July during which he conducted meetings with various Taliban officials.

His visit occurs in the midst of mounting concerns within Pakistani authorities regarding the threat posed to Pakistan by insurgent groups in Afghanistan, a matter that the Taliban have refuted.