Amnesty International calls for immediate reopening of girls’ secondary schools in Afghanistan

Girls in Kapisa province, July, 2021. File photo.

Amnesty International issued a statement on the second anniversary of the closure of secondary schools for girls in Afghanistan, demanding the urgent reopening of educational facilities for girls in the country.

“The future and aspirations of thousands of Afghan girls hang in the balance,” Amnesty International emphasized. “It has been two years since the ban on girls’ access to secondary school in Afghanistan, and the situation remains unchanged.”

The human rights watchdog stressed the need for accountability on the part of the Taliban, stating, “Despite their assurances and promises, the Taliban continues to deny girls their right to education and persists in gender-based persecution of women and girls.”

“We must take immediate action and call on the de-facto authorities of the Taliban to reopen secondary schools for girls without delay,” Amnesty International urged.

Amnesty International further highlighted the distressing fact that Afghanistan stands alone as the only country in the world where girls are not permitted to attend secondary schools, underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue to safeguard the rights and futures of girls in Afghanistan.