Cotton factory with initial investment of $1.1 million inaugurated in Balkh

A cotton processing factory was inaugurated in northern Balkh province on Sunday with an initial investment of 90 million Afghanis, equivalent to over $1.1 million.

The newly established facility boasts a daily processing capacity of 80 tons of cotton.

During the factory’s opening ceremony, local Taliban officials deemed this development beneficial for fostering continued investment within the country, urging potential investors to consider opportunities in Afghanistan.

Imam Aydin Sanai, the Taliban’s head of the Balkh Chamber of Industries and Mines, commended the diligent efforts of local industrialists, stating, “Our industrialists are truly dedicated.”

Naseer Ahmad Khalid, the Taliban’s head of labor and social affairs department in Balkh, emphasized the importance of domestic investment, asserting, “Our fellow citizens, whether residing inside or outside the country, should consider investing in their homeland.”

The owner of the factory said that he has employed at least 60 individuals to work in his firm.

Covering a 2.4-hectare area, the factory has the capability to process 80 tons of cotton daily, as reported by Faiz Mohammad Yousafzai, the manager of Yousafzai Cotton Processing Factory.

According to data from the Taliban’s Department of Industry and Commerce in Balkh, the province currently hosts 50 operational cotton processing factories.