Global South leaders discuss Palestine, international sanctions at Cuba G77 summit

In a marathon day of speeches, leaders and heads of state of the Global South put on the table on Friday common interests in the kick-off of the G77 summit hosted in Havana, Cuba.

Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, spoke of a new colonialism-free era in the 21st century while Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega focused on the United States sanctions and the role of China as an international power.

Colombia’s President, Gustavo Petro, compared the international community’s stance over the Ukraine war in comparison to that over the Israel-Palestinan conflict.

Battered by extreme weather, the pandemic, international tensions and economic difficulties, developing countries are pressing for fair treatment from developed nations regarding international finance to sharing technology.

The G77, which was initially launched in 1964 with 77 nations, now has 134 members.

China maintains that it is not a G77 member, despite being listed as one by the bloc, but Beijing says it has supported the group’s legitimate claims and maintained cooperative relations.

While more than 90 delegations are participating in the summit, which ends on Saturday, only a few dozen are led by heads of state.