US reiterates call for inclusive government in Afghanistan on International Day of Democracy

City of Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo: Reuters

On the occasion of International Day of Democracy, the US diplomatic mission for Afghanistan, currently operating from Doha, reaffirmed its support for an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

This statement comes as Afghanistan grapples with governance under the Taliban’s strict rule following the withdrawal of American troops and the collapse of the former Afghan government, as outlined in the peace deal signed in Doha.

“Today is International Day of Democracy, and on this day, as well as every day, the U.S. emphasizes the need for representative governance in Afghanistan, ensuring that every Afghan has a voice,” the mission declared on Friday.

The formation of an inclusive government has been at the forefront of discussions between Taliban leaders and Western officials.

A major challenge lies in aligning the world’s expectations for a government that includes all ethnicities, religious groups, civil rights activists, and Afghan citizens with the Taliban’s desire for international recognition, removal of its leaders from blacklists, and access to Afghanistan’s frozen assets.

Political analyst Faiz Mohammad Zaland acknowledged the significant gap between the two sides in reaching an agreement on government formation.

He emphasized the international community’s insistence on “safeguarding women’s rights, the establishment of an inclusive government, the initiation of a national dialogue among Afghan stakeholders, and the prevention of Afghanistan soil from being used by terrorist groups as crucial factors in considering recognition of the Taliban regime.”

Tarannum Saeedi, a women’s rights activist, lamented the systematic exclusion of women from Afghanistan’s society under Taliban rule, with women who dared to raise their voices facing suppression, detention, or even violence.

“Women have been removed from the society systematically. When they tried to raise their voices, unfortunately, they were either suppressed and detained or even killed by the Taliban,” she said.

The international community continues to closely watch developments in Afghanistan, with an emphasis on ensuring fundamental rights and a government that represents the diversity of the Afghan population.