Russian defense minister announces 12 new navy ships for 2023

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu revealed on Friday that the Russian navy is set to welcome 12 new ships by the end of 2023, with two already commissioned this year, as reported by the Russian state news agency RIA.

TASS, another state news agency, quoted Shoigu as disclosing the country’s ongoing development of new nuclear submarines and undersea drones.

Shoigu highlighted the significant growth in the navy’s fleet over the past decade, with the addition of more than 50 ships. He specified that this year’s acquisitions include a frigate, the Admiral Golovko, a strategic missile submarine named the Emperor Alexander III, and a nuclear submarine cruiser known as the Krasnoyarsk.

This announcement comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement in July that the Russian navy would receive 30 new ships in 2023. However, Shoigu did not provide a reason for the notable reduction in the expected number of deliveries in his remarks.