People sleep outdoors in Marrakech as earthquake tolls passes 2, 800

Villagers in parts of Morocco devastated by the country’s biggest earthquake in over a century camped outside for a fourth night on Monday, as the death toll rose to more than 2,800 people.

A video filmed early on Tuesday showed people in Marrakech sleeping in a square, as traffic and tourists passed by.

State TV reported late on Monday that the death toll had risen to 2,862, with 2,562 people injured. With much of the quake zone in hard-to-reach areas, authorities have not issued any estimates for the number of missing.

Morocco has accepted offers of aid from Spain and Britain, which both sent search-and-rescue specialists with sniffer dogs and from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Algeria said it had allocated three planes to transport rescue personnel and aid.

State TV said the Moroccan government might accept relief offers from other countries later.